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I am passionate about helping people who are suffering medical issues to reduce (or possibly eliminate) their symptoms. We will work together to increase your health span, prevent disease, age gracefully, and find your personalized, sustainable healthy lifestyle. As a certified functional health coach, I can help you create a plan to achieve your goals. As a holistic chef I can help you learn to prepare the meals you’ll love that will nourish and energize you.

I will meet you where you’re at, and share the knowledge that I’ve gained to speed you along on your health journey.—Michele

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Specializing in helping clients with:
—Adapting to new dietary changes due to diabetes, heart health, celiac, IBS, obesity, and more.
—Following their doctor’s diet and lifestyle recommendations.
—Fostering long-lasting habit changes.
—Helping identify the root cause of symptoms with elimination diets.
—Learning to cook healthy meals for the family.
—Creating a plan to achieve sustainable goals.
—Moving from a sedentary lifestyle to an active lifestyle.

What clients say

“I absolutely loved working with Michele Tedrick. For about six months, Michele helped me to create and achieve several of my goals, both nutritionally as well as in other areas of my life. For me, sometimes it is hard to figure out how to get from point A to point B: I know where I want to go, but it can be difficult to break a large goal into smaller steps. With Michele’s help, I started eating more nutritionally dense food, exercising more, and keeping my space tidier. Michele has a unique ability to be able to listen to your thoughts, then organize and condense them into what you want to do and practical steps for how to do it. Michele was always kind, informative, and helpful in helping me reach my goals in the way that worked best for me: I was always encouraged and never felt pressured. I lost nearly 40 pounds during my time working with Michele. More importantly even than that, Michele helped me to create and sustain habits that improved my physical and mental well being.”

—Libby W., CA

“Michele has been an incredible health coach and accountability partner. When I began working with her, I was in a time of uncertainty, unhappiness, and general malaise. I knew there were several factors at play—job stress, physical (in)activity, and other overall health concerns. Michele helped me tackle improvements in a practical and manageable way, establishing reasonable goals that helped me identify my successes each time we met. Together we worked through both short and long-term goals, and it was so rewarding to see the steps manifest in a positive results! I have experienced so many personal gains over the course of our time together! I moved into a career where I feel valued for my contributions, began to find order in my physical space, found ways to establish healthier habits, and eliminated my need for anxiety medication (with the support of my doctor, of course). Michele was instrumental in helping me set personal goals, make achievable plans for reaching those goals, and get back on track whenever I lost pace. She has been kind supportive, and encouraging every step of the way. If you need a boost to help support (or move toward) a healthy lifestyle, I can’t recommend Michele highly enough!”

—Stephanie A., MI

“I’ve been working with Michele for the last 16 months on meal planning. I’ve lost over 100 pounds, bathroom emergencies that were once common are now rare. I went from 11 prescription meds down to 3 with my doctor’s approval. I now have the freedom to leave the house and be social with confidence. I’m 79 years old. It’s never too late.”

—J. Marie, CA

“When I met Michele, I was working in a toxic environment that had a negative impact in all areas of my life—physical health, financial stability and emotional well-being. I was stuck. Early in our sessions, Michele helped me identify what I want my life to look like—living a carefree, minimalist lifestyle that provides freedom to travel and have new adventures. 

Michele is so much more than a health coach—she has changed my life for the better. She has empowered me to land a new job that I love (goal complete!), changed my eating habits for the better, and continue to de-clutter my space, all which move me closer to my dream towards my dream of living a carefree minimalist life on the road!

I love working with Michele because she is compassionate and non-judgmental when I’m feeling discouraged, recognizes my victories (even when I don’t!) and celebrates when I reach a goal. She gives me thought provoking questions that help me dig further into what I want, and empowers me to make positive changes in my life.”

—Sandi B., MI

“Working with Michele has been a literal dream come true. She has helped me identify and give voice to my life’s dreams, and then coach me through achieving them. Now, I have done things that have been on my life’s dreams, goals, and bucket lists that I honestly thought would remain in the realm of imagination. She coached me through completing a 108 mile run across Vermont, supported and helped me in stabilizing my goal of maintaining a relaxed and loving demeanor, and has been invaluable at helping me identify, track, and plan my dream of owning a home. With Michele’s ongoing support, my dreams have and are continuing to become a reality.”

—C.V. Davis, CO

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